Who am I?

First of all, I am a fiercely independent (& interdependent when necessary) woman,  wife, mom, mom-in-law, and grandma who is crazy in love with each of these amazing human beings.

And…I am a passionately curious business coach and professor who cares about collaborating with others to equip, inspire, and challenge people to be all they were created to be.

I am a creative business collaborator committed to meaningful research and effective teaching both in remote (on-line) and co-located models.  Armed with a Masters in Leadership and Management, my career has afforded me the opportunity to be in leadership and training roles in both non-profit, and for-profit organizations, as well as the world of academia.

I am also a passionate remote work advocate. As a coach/consultant since 2009 for individuals and teams around training and development, my area of specialty is supporting those working in remote and hybrid contexts. As a researcher, I’ve published, and *co-published research on various aspects of remote work. Over the recent past, I have been honoured to presented internationally at several conferences, been interviewed on podcasts, and spoken at multiple virtual events, all focusing on remote work.

Since 2012, I have been teaching Management and Human Resource courses at Okanagan College School of Business in British Columbia, Canada, where I develop and facilitate on-line business courses. This environment celebrates a collaborative environment of mutual support among co-workers regarding best practices for working and teaching on-line.

*Nathan Sawatzky and Ian MacRea have both been co-researchers and co-publishers.


If you are looking for a coach/consultant that fits my area of expertise, please reach out and we will talk about how I might be of help to you.