About me

r20.jpgIn short, I am a passionately curious business coach and professor who cares about collaborating with others to equip, inspire, and challenge people to be all they were created to be.

Consulting Experience

I’ve been involved with people development for the better part of my 30 year career. Ten years ago I transitioned from a leadership role in a not-for-profit organization to that of a consultant. In this capacity, I have provided consulting and coaching services in various areas of Human Resources, Leadership, and Management. My latest area of focus is remote worker and those working remotely.

My consulting experience focuses on both individuals and organizations. Over the past years I’ve guided clients through the challenge and process of career change and transition. I also works with professionals who are looking for help in deciding how to grow and develop in their chosen careers. When working with organizations, my expertise is utilized in developing teams towards greater effectiveness, and implementing practices that will align HR with the goals of the organization.

Business/Organizational Leadership Experience

I have held management and leadership positions in various sectors including not-for-profit, academia, private industry, and since 2008 have operated my own small business. Using my ability to strategically work through issues, I’ve built work teams that have successfully increased both efficiency and productivity within organizations. In these leadership roles I enjoyed the responsible for recruiting, selection and development of both paid and volunteer personnel.


A large percentage of my time these days is spent preparing for, and being in the classroom. I very much enjoy teaching in the Okanagan School of Business at Okanagan College in Kelowna, BC, Canada. My specialty areas are Human Resources and Management…currently conducting research focusing on remote workers and distributed teams (as noted above). My training in Adult Education and Curriculum Development has equipped me to create training and development resources for various organizations in such areas as:

  • LeadershipDevelopment
  • Competency and Strengths based leadership
  • Small BusinessGrowth
  • Communication Skills in theWorkplace
  • ConflictResolution
  • Job SkillsTraining
  • FundDevelopment
  • Working with Distributed Teams

Education and Training

  • Certified for EQ-1 and EQ360, and The High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI)
  • Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR BC & Yukon)
  • Masters in OrganizationalLeadership


If you are looking for a coach/consultant that fits my area of expertise, please reach out and we will talk about how I might be of help to you.