Change — are you ready for it?

Change…what kind of emotions, images, memories does that word bring to mind? For some the excitement level soars, while for others the response is nothing short of instant panic. The majority of us will find ourselves somewhere along the spectrum, depending on the nature of the change.

For me change is exciting…most of the time, when I feel I’m in control (yup, a bit of a control freak). Right now my life seems to be marked by change; let me just share some highlights:

  • we just moved to a basement suite and will move again in 6 months (who knew the condo market was so hot!)
  • our son and family moved to Dublin 3 weeks ago (yes, and they took all 6 of our grandkids!)
  • in a few days, deciding on my daily schedule will once again have to submit to the college calendar.
  • and of course we are starting to welcome autumn.

All of these changes are good and come with the promise of exciting outcomes. However, the impact of each greatly depends on my attitude toward the change.

I keep remembering the morning we said goodbye to our kids at the Kelowna airport. Kudos to the agents at Westjet…they were terrific with the challenges presented with checking in 2 adults, 6 kids, and all their luggage, and a flight plan that was a little messed up! The words that are forever etched into my memory came from the response our daughter in law had to a question asked by the agent: ‘So how are you feeling about this big move?’ Without a second’s hesitation, Crystal said ‘Totally excited!’. Needless to say the agents were amazed with her instant and exuberant outlook regarding what could be an overwhelming change.

When I reflect on my previous blog regarding expectations vs expectancy, I’m impressed by the link between that, and the certainty of change. I can’t imagine a life without change, nor would I want a life without change! However, I want to live a life that welcomes change with the enthusiasm of my IMG_0066grandson finding a really cool shell on the beach, or the wonder with which our youngest granddaughter IMG_0899looked at the picture of a giant rose I texted to her. I want to model the kind of attitude our son and daughter in law modelled for their children when moving to Ireland…and the sense of adventure I experienced when my parents moved us from Ireland to Canada 45 years ago.

I have a full schedule this fall and I am excited about each and every event on my calendar. I can’t control how each activity will play out, or what unexpected changes will occur. However,  I can approach each with a spirit of expectancy, positivity, and wholeheartedness.

"What's behind this door?" Wonder? Curiosity? Expectancy!
“What’s behind this door?” Wonder? Curiosity? Expectancy!

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